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The text SMS you may be very fimiliar with, have you heart about the soundable MMS? Text label on the cover of the audio CD you may be very fimiliar with, have you ever bethought of building the voice index and comments for the CD and protable mp3 player which can help you with switching the songs conveniently? And have you ever dream about that making your own programs and broadcast them in the Internet radio station before? SpeechMagician is just the magic software. Besides reading the text in the documents and reports for you, it can also help you with finishing the jobs list above. In a word, own the software, you will own a digital dubbing studio. 1. Builds the audio files for your mobile devices, such as the real voice MMS, color rings and truetones for mobile phones. 2. Builds the dubbing voices for your videos and movies. 3. Builds the asides for your Powerpoint and other presentations. 4. Announcer, DJ, actors and actresses for your Internet radio station. 5. Attachs the voice indexes and labels to your songs in the CD and protable mp3 player. 6. Reads the text for you as all the text to speech software can do. 7. Over 10 languages and twenties voices supported. 8. Full screen sliding supported for presentation and language teaching. Multiple languages interface supported.

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