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By Sign Makers FOR SignMakers. SignProof Pro uses a highly encrypted format which embeds the image file (at 500 pixels on the long side) along with the company's copyright and contact information. This data is not accessible on the users machine at any point, as it's extracted directly into RAM where it is decrypted for direct viewing by our software. AND, the SignProof Pro technology uses a proprietary triple check-point system to prevent screen capture. While NO system is absolutely secure against screen capture, we believe you'll enjoy the SignProof Pro advantage. If state of the art image protection is not enough, the Sign Proof Pro system sports an interface so simple and streamlined, that a third grader can use it. SignProof Pro will import, package and protect any JPG, BMP or TIF file that is 5000 pixels or less on the long side. You can import images locally from a file folder or from any Twain complient device such as your scanner.

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