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A screen capture utility that allows you to quickly and easily capture an image of any window on your desktop, or the entire desktop by simply pointing to the each window you want captured. The application does not support capturing of random areas of the desktop, only individual windows (or the entire desktop). SWBCapture can be configured to save all captures to the clipboard, to a named file (prompted at time of each capture), or 'auto saved' to individual temporary files in a directory of your choice. This last method allows many screens to be saved without prompting for a filename at each capture. SWBCapture can save captured images to BMP, JPG, or GIF format, and supports variable amounts of compression/quality for JPG-formatted images. This is a great FREE tool for developers and others who want to capture screen shots of their applications for their web site on a window-by-window basis without having to crop each image after capturing it.

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