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This freeware program allows you to import, organize, automatically enhance and share photos. STOIK Imagic 4.0 Free Browser automatically organizes photos and videos scattered all over your computer. New very fast indexing algorithm scans thousands of image and video files in few minutes. You can access your media files either using the Folder Browser, Calendar Browser or Tags Browser. Powerful Improvement Wizard will quickly solve common quality problems with the photos such as underexposure, noise, red eye, wrong orientation. Select multiple photos, launch the wizard, and photos will be taken through a quality enhancement pipeline. Dark Room tool offers a complete set of enhancement tools and export options. In the Dark Room all image adjustments are saved as a set of enhancement parameters associated with the image, the original image is always kept intact. Advanced JPEG export in Imagic Dark Room allows optimizing the output image quality, and provides significant - up to 1.5 times - reduction of JPEG file size compared to same quality JPEGs created with other software tools. STOIK Imagic 4.0 Free Browser offers a one-click panorama creator. You only need to select the photos and run Panorama command; the software will automatically sort photos, exclude non-matching photos, and automatically build a seamlessly stitched panorama image. You can to send photos by e-mail, burn them on CD, create web album and dynamic slide show. Imagic Browser gives you advanced printing options so that you can optimize print layout to save paper space, select different print sizes and options with instant preview. Dynamic slide shows can be played with music, saved as an executable, sent via e-mail, burned to CD, or used as a screensaver. Web Album can be saved on your computer, CD or uploaded to your web site

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