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MP3 files just don't sound as good as the original CD-quality recordings. The bass loses punch. High end lacks crispness and definition. The stereo spread collapse. Moreover, people are often listening on inexpensive, low-quality speakers.Realizer Pro is a complete mastering solution for your Internet-bound audio. It's based on the technology of Arboretum's incredible Realizer, a plug in used in the popular Sound Jam and Winamp players, to expand the stereo image, add missing low end, and synthesize overtones lost to data compression. Realizer Pro adds EQ, Reverb, and Loudness controls to the Bass Maximizer, Stereo Enhancer, and Harmonic Exciter found in Arboretum Hyperprism to become a powerful mastering tool! Produce the studio quality sound of Realizer *before* your music hits the net.

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