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Password Genie Mobile for Android is a password manager that works across multiple devices, users, and browsers and is designed for both security and convenience. You can easily save all of your usernames and passwords in one location which is securely protected and can only be accessed by you. Password Genie Android features include: Instant Synchronization - If you are using Password Genie for your PC or Mac or add the desktop version at any point in time, you can instantly sync your logins and bookmarks between your mobile and desktop accounts. Category View - Store and view entries in many different categories including: - Bank Accounts - Birthdays - Bookmarks - Credit Cards - Frequent Flyer Miles - Hotels - Notes - Passport - Prescriptions - Saved Logins - Vehicle Information Custom Category - Don't see the category you need? Create your own custom category to store any information you need. Bookmarks - Password Genie allows you to bookmark your favorite sites and instantly synchronize them for you. Auto-Launch of Webpage - Once a login or bookmark is saved, you can launch the webpage from the category view. Multiple Devices - Install Password Genie on multiple devices to ensure your saved logins are available wherever you are. 24/7 Support - Phone, Chat, and E-mail support is included 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, at no extra cost.

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