Quartet X2 Music Studio

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Quartet X2 is a digital 12-channel audio composer, MIDI synthesizer, score editor, recording studio, and Player. There are 8 standard channels for composing the instrumental music score, plus 4 percussion channels for composing background rhythms, or repetitive motifs. Instuments include 120+ standard instuments and 30+ percussion instruments. Compositions can be saved as editable score files, standard MID, 16 bit CD quality WAV files and MP3 files. An intuitive graphic interface makes creating and editing a score simple and effective. The interface resembles a sheet music score. You compose music by drawing notes on the staff with your mouse. Every note on every channel can play its own instrument, in a range that covers the full spectrum of audible tones, 10 octaves. It takes just minutes to create a music score, complete with a harmony section. A full HTML based help file and interactive tutorials walk you through the steps of creating your own music masterpieces.


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