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Photo-Essence PhotoStudio is the complete photo management software for digital images. It is the workroom for digital photographers. Search for photos on your computer. Acquire photos effortlessly from digital cameras and scanners. Organize photos automatically according to photo taken dates. Edit and enhance images with intuitive editing tools and cool photographic filters and effects. Share photos via e-mail or multiple print options. Monitor folders of your choice for new additions of photos, and import them to PhotoStudio automatically. Backup your photos to CD for safe keeping, and restore them whenever you want. It also has a tool to create panorama from two or more photos. The easy Clone tool allows you to easily fix smudges,dusts, unwanted background, or other blemishes. PhotoStudio provides a unique Photo Browser tool which gives you quick access and preview of the images on your computer. PhotoStudio allows you to drag and drop photos from Windows Explorer into photo well and adds them to PhotoStudio automatically. Also included are unlimited levels of Undo/Redo commands for photo editing to give you the peace of mind when you are modifying your photos. Your original photos will never be modified, as PhotoStudio saves modified version of your photo as a different file. Since JPEG format is lossy, photo quality is lost over too many file saves. PhotoStudio saves all your fixed photos in TIF format, then convert them back to JPEG format when you need to email them. The program is tuned to offer super fast performance.

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