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Perfect Skin Photo TM is software that loads in your photos and automatically removes ... · ACNE · WRINKLES · CELLULITE · SNOTTY NOSES · FINE FACIAL HAIR · and more. It does this while retaining a photo-realistic image. In fact it removes any unwanted skin imperfections that you don’t like, if the unwanted skin feature is less pronounced than the features of the face (such as the nose or chin) the chances are that Perfect Skin Photo TM will remove it for you. What’s more you don’t need to be an expert to use the software. In fact it can be as simple as loading your photo, moving two sliders until you like the look of the image and then saving it. Perfect Skin Photo TM uses the patent pending Selective Soft Focus TM technology developed by Starkie Enterprises Pty. Ltd. It works by smoothing out skin imperfections in three steps. · Firstly it identifies which parts of the image are skin. · Next it smooths the skin to remove the imperfections. · Lastly it checks to make sure that it hasn’t distorted the image too much.

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