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Mosaic Creator allows you to create a photo mosaics and thumbnails made of many small cells. Also it can render good images using least image collections with fine color enhance. Specific for Mosaic Creator are optional non-rectangular pattern cell shapes (puzzle, shape, triangle, hexagon, etc) and generating clickable thumbnails. Mosaic Creator includes pattern shape editor for user defined patterns (only in professional version). You can start create mosaics only with one image. You must select cell images, source image, destination image size and pattern type. You can enhance the rendering process by fine color modifying the cell images, and finish up the result mosaic image by adding a cell borders, alpha masks and color masks. There is not limitation for number of cell images and output mosaic file size. The Mosaic Wizards simplifies the process of mosaic definition and preparing thumbnails from your photos. Mosaic Creator is shareware. Thank you for evaluating Mosaic Creator. Main features: Create photomosaics, mosaics Clickable web gallery thumbnails Precalculate tile mosaics from glass, ceramics, stones and quilts Create mosaics from text Create ASCII art as HTML or image Create video mosaics

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