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The best MP3 Organizer and MP3 player software for you Moderal Jukebox is a windows MP3 Organizer and MP3 Player software designed for music fans. It designed to help people in their everyday repetitive tasks. Once installed, Moderal Jukebox turns you PC into an audio shop with well-organized music catalogs. Selecting songs is just like picking up a CD from the shelf. You can easily play music by directories, albums or artists. Software Features: 1.MP3 Organizer (Organize your audio files as albums automatically) Having 5GB of mp3s on your hard disk? Take it easy, Moderal Jukebox could be your best mp3 organizer. Once installed, it turns your PC into an audio shop with well-organized music catalogs. 2.MP3 Player Software Getting bored of opening a directory and selecting all the audio files into a MP3 player? With Moderal Jukebox, you can easily select music and play them by directories, albums or artists. 3.Show album art of you favorite artists Want to look at those great album arts while you are listening music? If you have lots of CDs on your hard drivers, you can show album art in your collections. 4.Locate Folders or Albums in no time Finding an album or folder in thousands files? Just try our unique A-Z quick bar, great idea will make you smile :) 5.Maintain your listening habits Building playlists like Recently Played, Top Hits Songs, Top Hits Artists, Moderal Jukebox is just like a music housekeeper, a "musical maid" who knows you well. 6.Create, retrieve, manage your playlists Create & manage all your playlists with ease, show songs in the playlists before you play it. 7.Add or remove a shared directories in kazaa with ease Having troubles sharing different folders in Kazza? Take it easy, you can share or remove any folders contained in Kazaa. 8.Audio format supported mp3, wma, ogg , wm, wmv, asf, asx, ra, rm, swf files


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