MP3 Studio by Nicola

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MP3 Studio is a powerful tool for working with MP3 digital audio format. This program consists of five major parts, those are is intended for certain functions: 1.MP3 Recorder-Making MP3s on the fly from any sources of sound,utilizing power of your soundcard. You can record any length of signal while your HDD have free space. 2.CD Ripper-There are lots of CDs,but several favorite songs yet? If you tired of loosing time looking for the music, just rip it all,then save as MP3s. Manage your own library as you want. 3.MP3 Splitter-Need to split huge MP3 track into several small ones? This tool is your choice! Small and powerful, MP3 Splitter could simply cut down MP3 files by your order. 4.MP3 Converter-Simply convert Wav-MP3 and MP3-Wav 5. MP3 Playlist Editor-Powerful MP3 collection editor.


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