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Lenogo DVD Movie to PSP Video Converter is a professional DVD to PSP video converter. Convert DVD movies directly to your PSP. When the conversion is completed, you may enjoy movies on your PSP! Lenogo DVD Movie to PSP Video Converter supports single-step conversion which saves much time. Convert all kinds of DVDs to PSP video (mp4) format, in faster than real time. You may select desired target subtitle and audio track. Capture any segment of a DVD movie and convert it into PSP mp4 format. The conversion process can be interrupted anywhere and the converted part is replayable. Superior for its easy to use benefit, it automatically detects the hardware configuration and makes an optimized conversion choice. With the preview display you may watch the whole converting process and enjoy the waiting time. Key features of Lenogo DVD Movie to PSP Video Converter: One-stop conversion: Directly convert DVD to PSP. Highest speed: convert one DVD in half an hour in some high-end computers. Full format support: support all kinds of DVD files to PSP video format. Supports: Various kinds of video crop mode. eg. 16:9, 4:3, full screen and so on. Preview display: You can see the converting progress in preview window. Customized settings: You may select subtitle and audio track freely. Single-step conversion: Directly convert DVD to PSP in one step, no need of any mid type. Compact size: Convert A whole DVD to only one PSP video file. Auto-detect hardware: Automatically detect your hardware configuration and choose a best conversion scheme. User-friendly setting: you may stop anywhere you want and the result is playable. In terms of speed, Lenogo DVD Movie to PSP Video Converter is superior to all its peers in the market. It supports Intel Pentium4 Hyper-Threading Processor, the converting speed is even far faster than real-time! Come and experience the fantastic conversion speed and enjoy your PSP movie time!


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