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Simultaneously display multiple video input streams in a MDI window. There is no limitation to the number of video input streams in Leio, the only limitation comes from the hardware of your PC. Simultaneously record multiple video input streams. There is no limitation to the duration time of recording in Leio. You can setup different schedules of the start and stop date/time for each input stream. Simultaneously detect image motion in each video stream. The threshold of motion detecting can be set individually. When motion is detected, you can specify whether or not to take a snapshot of the video stream, start AVI recording, alarm a sound, execute a specified program. When the motion stopped, Leio will pack all the snapshot JPG files and the AVI file into a ZIP file, you can specify whether or not to email the ZIP file, transfer it to a FTP server. If no internet connection available at that moment, Leio will dial and build an internet connection automatically to complete these transfer jobs. The AVI recording which started on motion detected is independent to the scheduled video recording. Easy and Flexible manner of configuration. You can adjust the video property of each input stream, such as contrast, brightness and so on. You can choose the capture rate and format of each device.You can choose compress codecs.

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