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KaraokeMaster is your total computer karaoke solution. CD+G disks are an expensive investment, and should be protected. Many of you have literally thousands of dollars invested in karaoke disks - one KJ I know has $30,000 worth of disks! The loss of these disks could prove devastating, even unrecoverable. KaraokeMaster helps you keep your precious disks safe by offering several ways to protect your investment. These are just some of the things KaraokeMaster can do... * Copy Karaoke disks, whether or not you have a 'compatible' burner. Over 90% of burners are compatible with KaraokeMaster's technique including virtually all newer models. * Read Karaoke disks onto your hard drive for storage. Each track is compressed up to 90%, a 40Gb hard drive can hold up to 700 disks! * Play Karaoke (CD+G)/(MP3+G) files directly from your hard drive. * Construct play lists that you can navigate though with simple keyboard commands. * Make custom disks from anything in your collection. * Create and print a number of different songbook formats. * Easily find and delete duplicate song/artist combinations. * Retrieve a song even if your backup is destroyed, using Distributed Backup technology. * Retrieve a Master Catalog from the Internet anytime - Makes entering new CDs SO much easier * Compress and re-archive Karaoke disks back to CD. This allows you to make a backup of your collection using only 10% of the disks you would normally use! * One-Click conversion to MP3+G zip files! * Make your collection searchable by disc, artist, title or keyword. * Synchronize the songs on two different machines with ONE CLICK - works via internet too! NEW IN VERSION 3.0 - New Show Hoster module shows a list of singers and the time until each singer gets to sing. Singers / songs can be added while someone else is performing! http://karaokemaster.webhop.net


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