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The quick and easy way to create an intro for your CD. Give your business, product, service or CD presentation immediate impact with a short multi-media introduction. Intro Intro is computer jargon for a presentation consisting of images, text and animations. (Intro is, of course, short for introduction . Features Optimized for use with CD/DVD ROMs The intro Player can be started directly without installation from a CD/DVD Runs on all Win32 systems without the need for special additional software Simple user interface Sound integration (mid, wav, mp3) No unique DLLs or run-time modules Incredibly easy to learn and use Intro Features Up to 20 slides for each intro created A selection of fading effects for the slides 20 text objects per slide with fade-in effects Background sound (mid, wav, mp3) Option to run once or in an endless loop Its Main Use Creating intros for self-starting (Autoplay) CDs for: Business presentations Presenting products or services CD business cards Self-starting PowerPoint presentations Documentary CDs Training CDs Job application CDs Slide shows Intro-Creator is an excellent choice Intro-Creator is an excellent choice when: You're looking to create an intro without having to thumb your way through 500 pages of documentation. You don't want to spend your time worrying about whether certain "exotic" components have been installed on the target computer before your intro will run reliably. This is because: The IntroCreator is easy to use And your intro will run on all Win32 systems (Win95…XP)

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