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Hero BigEye is a image viewer, a image manager, a graphic converter and a picture processor. If you are bored with waiting for viewing a picture and you want to process your digital photos without opening a complicated image-processing software, BigEye is your best choice. BigEye can help you view an image only for 0.1s. You can browse images of any format because BigEye supports more than 60 file formats. Once you possess it, you won't be worry about viewing a huge picture, BigEye can help you open images of 20MB. BigEye supports animated thumbnails, you can acquire the true images any time. You will find that processing images becomes so easy with BigEye. Many functions like Emboss, Noise, Swirl and so on help you who are amateurish make professional pictures. Convert the file formats among 19 formats easily. Like many graphic softwares, BigEye allows you to resize the images,further more, you can rotate the pictures freely. Share browse on the Internet, cut and paste, send and move image files as you like. You may collect your favorite images by exclusive established categories. For registered files, it may be opened directly in explorer avoiding conflicts in multi-images browser. It's fantastic to send the static and dynamic images via E-mail and set your favorite pictures to desktop wallpapers.

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