Flash OwnerGuard

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Flash OwnerGuard is the ultimate DRM, Security, Copy Protectiion, Licensing and Distribution Management solution for Adobe Flash SWF and FLV Video Files. Flash OwnerGuard provides a brand new DRM technology called Inline DRM which allows the protected files to be accessible within any container including Your Website and Web Navigators ( Internet Explorer, AOL Explorer ) , Office Documents, PDF Documents, Flash Player Programs or even Your Own Applications. With Flash OwnerGuard you can : * Lock your Flash SWF and FLV video files to specific computer(s). * Define High Security Expiration Dates or Working Times for your drm protected Flash SWF and FLV video files. * Use full features of Adobe Flash Player for your drm protected Flash SWF and FLV video files. * Control and apply all required limitations for your users using a very small user side DRM manager ( OwnerGuard License Manager ). * Minimize your users DRM hassles by letting them access your DRM protected Flash SWF, FLV files offline. * Distribute and Sell your Flash Files easily while you've got full control over them.


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