Apis Ceratina

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Apis Ceratina is a Windows application for recording and replaying macros. Save millions of clicks and keystrokes with Apis . Reduce repetitive tasks to a single mouse click or a keystroke. Intelligent software to record, replay and schedule keyboard and mouse activities. With Apis, you don't need to learn any programming language. Apis system monitors activities such as creating and showing windows and drop-down menus, starting applications, etc. It also monitors the position of windows on the screen. A intelligent kernel suspends macro replay as required. Auto fill hundreds of business forms and dialog boxes. Relax while Apis logs on to your mail server, fills out repetitive parts of business forms, fills out dialog boxes involving any Windows application, copies the currently playing song to your mobile device, generates reports, renames a group of files, or performs a cross application macro. In fact, once you start using Apis, you'll discover hundreds of new ways to use it in your daily work. With Apis, you can: Define hotkeys and launch your macro from anywhere instantly. Define hotkey scope (Substring of a window title) and launch your macro from a certain application. Use Repeat option, allowing you to replay macros a given number of times. Use Schedule, which allows you to schedule macros for any time, any day of the week, etc. Use Turbo speed options, which allow you to run your macro faster. Use Fast access Apis Menu, which allows you to start macros faster from a drop-down menu. Create a shortcut to macros in the Start Menu, Quick Launch panel or on the Desktop. Select mouse-only or keyboard-only replay.


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