DVD-Cloner III

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DVD-Cloner makes complete 1:1 copies, entirely free from such restrictions as CSS encryption and regional codes. Alternatively, to save disc space, you can just copy your favorite chapters in the language and audio format that you want. The copied disks can be played in most stand-alone DVD players. It only takes ONE CLICK to make a perfect DVD copy. Features Easy to Copy DVD Just one click, and you can create backup DVD copies like an expert. Perfect 1:1 DVD Copy A real DVD movie cloner, including title, menu, subtitle, audio& language. Personalize Copy and preview Personalize and preview favorite title, chapter, subtitle& audio copy. Support Episodic DVD. Choose your favorite sections without copying the whole DVD. Supports DVD-9 to DVD-5 Compress one D9 movie onto one D5 dvd+-r/rw, without any quality loss. Supports DVD-9 to DVD-9 Copy DVD-9 movies onto 8.5GB dual layer dvd+r/rw discs with perfect quality. High Compatibility Supports PAL, NTSC, DVD+-R/RW, all stand-alone DVD players & most DVD burners. High Speed Takes less than 1 hour to finish.


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