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A single Pulldown Menu Add-on for AutoCAD LT97, LT98 and AutoCAD LT2000, geared towards the 2D ARCHITECTURAL disciplines. It is designed to add a whole collection of routines, and enhancements, to the Basic AutoCAD LT menu. The package includes the PullDown Menu file which contains expanded Pull Down Menu routines (organized to match the basic AutoCAD LT menu to minimize learning curve); all symbols required by new routines; a whole collection of new toolbars, Hatch Patterns (Architectural mostly, organized by type and with no weird cryptic names) and fonts we have collected and written over the years; an HTML based Help file that is hyperlinked to give you instant and direct access; redefined quick commands list giving you access to almost every command and system variable; and dimensioning setups and routines.New routines and toolbars added include: Walls routines (with automatic and manual clean up features), Openings in Walls (with or without frames, with automatic wall break and clean up), Doors and Windows routines (Different doors and windows type, with or without breaking walls lines); Single pick Layer Freeze, Lock, Unlock and Delete, among othermuch needed routines.


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