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A very attractive CD Player that also happens to be free. Its slick-looking GUI has multiple 'touch-sensitive' and 'click-sensitive' areas, as well as special visual effects such as animated buttons, fade-ins, and fade-outs. You'll find all the standard transport functions, plus options for autoplay on disk insertion, minimization to the system tray, always ontop status, and more. In addition to the usual features (e.g., time elapsed/time left, pause, repeat, next track, random play, etc.), AxelCD presents numbered buttons for each track on your CD. This makes it easy to jump to a favorite song. However, it's some of the little touches that makes AxelCD unique. When you hold your cursor over a button, it gradually glows like an ember in a fire. Also, the program options and other miscellaneous information are superimposed in translucent fashion over the program's interface. The result is a program that is not only great looking, but fast, intuitive and featured as well. Best of allAxelCD is completely free!


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