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Have you ever wanted to create an MP3 playlist by artist, year, or genre? Well now you can with just a few clicks of the mouse. AudioMojo is a powerful, versatile MP3 organizer. It allows you to sort/view your MP3's how you want, and then you can easily create a playlist or generate an MP3 report. Are your MP3 ID3 tags a mess? Now you can clean them up in no time. Simply select any group of MP3's and edit any common ID3 tag information. Select every song by a particular artist and edit the artist tag. With a single change all the artist tags are updated. It's almost too easy to get organized. Do you have a portable MP3 player? Does the software that it came with suck? You're not alone. We here at AudioMojo have tried to ease your pains. With AudioMojo's new MP3 Portal you can get your music to your player faster. Are your MP3 files a mess or your hard drive? With AudioMojo you can organize your hard drive with a single click of the mouse. Simply sort your MP3 files how you want, then let AudioMojo's Auto-Organize feature do all of the work. Are your MP3 file names in a state of chaos? AudioMojo's Auto-Naming feature will send you to nirvana. Setup an Auto-Name Template which will use the ID3 tags that you want to generate a filename for your MP3. Now all of your MP3 files will have a consistent naming convention.

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