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Advanced Text to Speech Reader can read aloud any written text for you, avoiding your eyestrain and saving your time reading on the computer. Imagine you just sit back and relax while your email, online news, or important documents are read to you in a clear and infinitely patient voice at home, in the office, or on the road! And the speaking speed, volume and voice quality can be changed at your wish! Advanced Text to Speech Reader, working on the Microsoft Text-To-Speech (TTS) engine, recognizes a text and chooses a synthesized voice from a list of pre¨Cgenerated voices. To save your daily reading to Mp3 files to listen later, Advanced Text to Speech Reader provides another useful function - Text to MP3 conversion. Its excellent performance in outstanding level of recognition accuracy with unequalled robustness to environmental noise and speech variability (dialects, accents, etc) has earned its wide popularity. It is therefore also helpful for people with talking, vision, or reading problems due to a disability.


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