AVD ImageLine

Multimedia and Graphics
Animated GIF Editors
  • Developer: AVLAN Design
  • Home page: visit
  • License type: Commercial


The extended editor for graphics and animation. The program allows you easily to edit, view and print your images, to use painting tools, drawing tools and various effects. You can import multiframes files (AVI and animated GIF) for editing, easily receive separate frames and create yours animated GIF and AVI. Features: 1) Save/load specific file format parameters and save/load preview dialogs; 2) Import/export AVI; 3) Import/export animated GIF; 4) Export separate frames from AVI and animated GIF; 5) Image acquisition from TWAIN scanners; 6) Regulation of contrast, HSL, HSV/HSB and RGB; 7) Preview of all the effects in a single dialog, with 8 preset filters and save and load filters from file; 8) Rotate any angle; 9) Horizontal and vertical mirror; 10) Image resizing; 11) Drawing tools; 12) Bump mapping, Lens and Wave effect; 13) Copy, trim, paste and paste into a rectangle of all or part of the image; 14) Histogram equalization (auto and manual); 15) Sizeable and moveable selected region


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