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Construct any kind of 3D world for real-time applications and games with 3D WorldBuilder. This easy-to-use (and free) tool makes it possible to build complex scenes in minutes with just a few mouse clicks -- and no special hardware is required. Both programmers and non-programmers should find it very usable. You build from inside the world, so you don't have to imagine how it's going to look or wait for therendering process to finish. A rich library of models is included, plus you can make your own models and add them to the gallery. You'll also find tools for scaling, moving, rotating, setting transparent paint, and tiling textures, as well as duplicating, grouping, and aligning objects. New features added to WorldBuilder Version 3.9:·Morfit has developed a binary format to replace the textual .wld format. The difference is that when releasing your finished world, the WorldBuilder saves the file in a binary format, with the BSP tree included. This is done a lot faster than with the textual format, and loading is a matter of seconds.·The light API has improved a lot; light configuration can be easily controlled through the WorldBuilder.·Morfit has developed an ActiveX component that can run our engine on the Internet. Files in the WorldBuilder can be directly released us Internet files, ready to be uploaded to the Internet. An HTML page can contain JavaScript commands to control the engine just like with the SDK's.


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