ASP.NET ImageDraw by Neodynamic

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ImageDraw is a server control which generates real-time, on-the-fly images for ASP.NET Web Applications. ImageDraw allows you to use all the potential of GDI+ in your ASP.NET Web Applications. You can use ImageDraw to deliver real-time dynamically generated images such as charts, diagrams or any other graphical application. The Image Web control built into the .NET Framework is useful to render static image files, but suppose you need to convert the original image into another image format, resize it in a given size, add your own captions on it, convert it to grayscale version, and so on. In those cases you can use ImageDraw. The control provides cross-browser compatibility. At design-time you can resize (scale, stretch) the original image, change the output image format, apply image effects such as Grayscale and Negative, and so on. If you want render a dynamic image, i.e. a GDI+ Bitmap Object, you can use Neodynamic GDI+ Preview at design-time.


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