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3D-Forge Paint is a versatile image editing system that combines a 3D graphics system with traditional image editing tools and unique dynamic color/palette functions in one easy-to-use program. It gives you the ability to apply amazing 3D effects directly into your artwork and images. You can even convert a 2D image into a 3D surface for custom transparency, scale, and lighting effects. 3D-Forge Paint's 3D effects are only part of the package that makes the program unique. It also offers several color and palette functions that dynamically applies adjustments to preserve the appearance and quality of your images. While other image editing tools often distort or haze an image's appearance with such functions, 3D-Forge Paint uses dynamic color sampling to carefully apply color changes that retain more of an image's original appearance and quality. The contrast, fade, and RGB tools carefully sample every pixel's color values before applying any effects, then converts each pixel as needed to retain as much of the original appearance as possible. Even with all of the graphics power available to you, 3D-Forge Paint's primary focus is simplicity. Icon descriptions, easy-to-use menu systems, full screen previews, and simplified tools help make operating the program as easy or easier then working with a more traditional image editor. 3D-Forge Paint offers features and quality functions/conversions not available in many programs costing 10 times as much or more. Be sure to check out the official website at http://www.starwraith.com for more details and examples of 3D-Forge Paint in action. 3D-Forge Paint makes a great addition to any image editing software library!


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