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dbConstructor was developed with the main focus on speeding and easing the database schema creation and maintenance process, while maintaining the complete documentation and change management required in today's fast development environment. Maintaining multiple or even a single database platform project can be a very complex task, which has been greatly simplified by dbConstructor's tightly integrated but still friendly user interface. The UI has been exceptionally well designed and thought out , departing from the usual modal inverted tree user interfaces, implemented in nearly all database design tools up to now. The DDL scripting engine makes the whole script creation process intuitive and easy to manage. DB schema in place upgrade script generation between database versions (only SQL Server and Oracle for the time being) is one of the many features of dbConstructor that users have come to commend.Multiple database platform DDL scripts are generated from a single "Near Physical" database model, eliminating the need to convert or create multiple physical models for each database platform. New and personalized scripting functionality can also be easily implemented; consequently the end user has complete control over the final results eliminating the need to make compromises. dbConstructor implements powerful domain usage and handling, thereby promoting strong enterprise wide data definition standards.


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