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Its fun to use our new 'computer coupon helper'! Just point and click on the icons across the top of the computer screen to instantly find the coupons that expire during the week or coupons that expire during the month. Search for coupons about to expire by store name, value, department and much more. You can sort your coupons many different ways to locate the exact coupons to take with you shopping. Simple easy coupon entry makes using the Coupon Wizard simple as 1-2-3. You can flag coupons for future reference, as well as create and print coupon shopping lists. Also included with the Coupon Wizard is a complete on line help system to get you started. The Coupon Wizard requires an IBM compatible PC (Requires a Pentium or faster processor) with 8 MB available RAM, 3.5' high density disk drive and Microsoft Windows 95 or Windows NT. Coupon Wizard For Windows Version 1.0 is for Windows 95 and Windows NT only.

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