Year at a Click

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Calendars and Scheduling Tools


A yearly calendar showing all 12 months at once. It'salso an Events reminder/appointment scheduler/Program or webpage launcher, and Holiday reference guide. It also contains a Batch file wizard to create batch files forlaunching programs and a Textpad program to allow quick note taking and printing. You can print any calendar from the year 1900 to 2100 as well as any 12 consecutivecalendars on one piece of paper for a hard copy of a full years worth of calendars. You can personalize and add or print your own calendar pictures along with any appointments or events you have scheduled for that calendar. Associated icons are printed with each event for a quick cross reference to the same icon in the calendarsdate box. View the calendar in either a 12 month mode or a single month mode. Have it display your days events upon booting.


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