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A calendar/diary that is an alternative to using Microsoft Outlook with a similar 'look and feel' . Thinc-Time was created by Thinc Technology to facilitate collaboration amongst people who want joint access to diaries for planning and scheduling purposes. This program is an alternative to using Outlook/Exchange or a web-based environment at a fraction of the cost. Thinc-Time gives you an easy and low cost network solution for sharing all users' diaries simultaneously with everyone on your network! Our goal was to supply our clients with a simple and cost effective solution to this common problem and we believe that we have achieved this. Users can edit view or have no access to each other's diaries, according to designated permissions; with daily weekly and monthly views Thinc-Time can be used to track the status of resources (e.g. interview or meeting rooms), milestones on a specific project, employee vacations or just to keep track of your day-to-day appointments. The quick view window enables you to see at a glance, your current appointments and To-Do’s in any of the viewing windows. The reminder popup also helps you keep those every important appointments. Thinc-Time is network-ready and will operate on any Windows based network No Dedicated Server Needed. Just share a common data path and that’s it. Everything is on one screen. Added quick SMS sending. Added SMS popup diary reminders. Data base correction and repair utilities. Backup and restore function. Ability to e-mail backup data to a remote location. Easy Networking and Real-Time Sharing! It works on any windows based. network in a peer-to-peer or client/server environment. Everyone on the network can use the same database and see real time changes. No dedicated server is required, just Thinc-Time!

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