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The Babylon Builder enable you to create and share your information with Millions of Babylon users. This freeware helps individuals and organizations create their own glossaries. The Builder serves as a guide in developing these databases as quickly as possible so they can be shared with others. With the Babylon Builder, glossary creators have an opportunity to present themselves as expert information resources in their field to millions of users globally by offering a hyperlink back to their homepages. If creators already have glossaries in either text or HTML format, they can transfer the information straight to the Builder, and it will automatically reformat it to work with Babylon. The Builder can also process and show graphics in JPEG and Bitmap formats if the creators want to show a picture as part of a glossary. Once a glossary is submitted and accepted, both users and editors can rank it using a five-star system. These rankings also assist Babylon's user when selecting which glossaries to subscribe to and download. Asthe glossary becomes more popular, it will also receive a ranking by number of downloads. Photo albums, product catalogs, language dictionaries, employees database and more. Major features: When the Build process is done, the user can immediately install the glossary in his Babylon tool by checking the 'install the glossary in my Babylon' check box - no need to double click the .bgl file anymore. Build screen - new look. New languages: Armenian, Tamazight, Esperanto. Significant bug fixes

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