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Find, Not Seek – with Superior Search The flood of data continues to inundate us, urgently needed information is often hard to find, and that costs time, nerves and money. NeuroPower is the answer. Using Superior Search, the most powerful desktop search software on the market. The program finds information on your PC swiftly and reliably – irrespective of file format. Regardless whether what you are looking for is a text passage, a formula or a keyword, Superior Search will search an unlimited number of files on your hard disk, including e-mail, mail attachments, archives or compressed data. Central Functions: Smart Search with Fuzzy Logic In addition to the exact keyword, Superior Search 2005 will also look for similar concepts – and find the information you seek even if you have mistyped. Search Irrespective of File Format Superior Search searches all file formats, not just standard files such as Word, Powerpoint, PDF, MP3 and ZIP archives but also less frequent or older formats such as ARC, ARJ, LHA or ZOO files. Search Compressed Data Archives Superior Search also finds information in compressed files, and the archive software, such as WinZip, does not even need to be installed on the computer. The software can still open the document or find and show the keyword you are looking for in the document. Search e-Mail and Attachments Superior Search searches e-mail and mail archives, including attachments, whatever their format. The program currently supports Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes, AOL Communicator, The Bat! and Unix mailboxes. Search Password-protected Files With Superior Search you can also search password-protected files – provided you have access rights. Text is shown in a preview window and a ban on saving prevents the password-protect of a file of this kind from being visible and the password-protection from being lifted.


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