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Recipe management at its best. Drop recipes on a calendar and get the shopping list for the next couple of days. Easy recipe entry - select ingredients and units from dropdown menus. Import recipes from any kind of document with the advanced copy/paste wizard. Search recipes on categories and freetext. Easy to use interface. Basic functions: * Handle recipes and ingredients. * Compose your menu by dragging recipes to a calendar. * Create a shopping list with everything you need for the next couple of days. Other features: * Select ingredients and units from drop down lists. * Use fractions or decimals when entering recipes (1/2 cup OR 0.5 cup). * Recipes can contain multiple subgroups of text and ingredients. * Shopping lists are sorted to suite the aisles in your favorite grocery store. * Recipes can be sorted and searched in a number of ways and you can create any categories you like. * Conversion between units. If an ingredient is used in more than one recipe in a shopping list, they are summed into the prefered shopping unit for that ingredient. * Recipe exchange via import/export (also imports MasterCook and MealMaster files) * Import recipes from websites or Word documents (even import images). * Automatic software updates via Internet. * Uses MS Word spell check. Advanced features: * Calculate nutrition index with custom formulas. * Import one or more Word document into the database in one batch. * Import batches of recipes from recipe websites when you have trained the import engine in PieceOfCake. * Hints can be connected to each recipe (cooking methods, explainations etc). * Recipes can be connected with each other (the recipe for the home made pasta can be connected to each pasta sauce). Designed by cooking enthusiasts - for cooking enthusiasts Awarded with 4/5 cows at Tucows.


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