Oxford Crossword Dictionary and MSDict Viewer 6

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This Palm edition of the highly successful Oxford Crossword Dictionary will provide crossword lovers with everything there is to know about how to solve crosswords. There are over 250,000 entries, alphabetically arranged by word-length for easy look-up, and the list of words has been fully updated for this edition to include up-to-the-minute words. The lists include standard English, but also foreign words, phrases, idioms, obsolete words, and irregular forms, which usually appear in word game clues. To help you answer general knowledge clues, the dictionary contains encyclopedic lists. New lists have been introduced, including food and drink, plants and animals, and computer games. Lists of famous people in the arts, historical and political figures, monarchs, presidents, sports personalities, and writers will help you solve biographical clues. The dictionary comprises 2 sections: Word Lists arranged according to the number of words they contain Reference encyclopedic section with thematic lists The word lists are created by a series of computer programs, using the electronic versions of the New Shorter English Dictionary and Concise Oxford Dictionary and provide the user with much quicker, easier, and clearer way of finding words of a given length than a traditional dictionary. The Oxford Crossword Dictionary is utilized by MSDict Viewer- an innovative dictionary reader specially designed to combine high data compression for memory restricted devices with a fast search algorithm, and user-friendly interface with amazing speed. The viewer supports multiple dictionaries installed at a time.


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