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The english - french picture dictionary for travellers, tourists travelling to France, Canada or other countries using french language. The main program feature is - your mobile phone can be any J2ME powered - the french language support is NOT needed - you can try to explain people your desire by the built-in pictures dictionary. You can compose a phrase choosing up to 6 words by the phone menu. And this phrase will be shown on the screen using the pictures of french translation corresponding to the english words chosen, one by one with the time interval which is adjustable. The english words of dictionary were especially collected by scanning lots of the internet web-sites for tourists, travellers. So, this dictionary contains the frequency rank-ordered database of the english words being used by people over the world. The demo-version limitations: 15 trial starts only; the trial midlet database contains 200 most popular english words only. Before buy you HAVE TO install this demo version FIRST on your J2ME phone: the registration of the full program version begins at the demo. Your mobile phone number (13 digits of international format, with country code) or e-mail address is required for the registration (it will be the registration name).


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