Flash Manager III

Information Management
Information Reference Databases


Points of interest: · A simple database application with loads of features for everyone · Create and manage any number of tables, both flat and relational · Standalone embedded database engine or multi-user Client/Server · Open up to 20 tables simultaneously, each table in it’s own window · Relational data linking · Easily select desired fields in any order · Easy editing in an auto generated editor window · Date fields have a drop-down calendar and numeric fields have a drop-down calculator · Fields can contain graphics, sound files, video, and any type of binary file · Customizable field input masks for ease of entering and editing data · Editor fields have spell checking capability, including memo field text · Configuration files for restoring all configuration settings · Printing: Reports, labels, envelopes, and mail-merge. Mail-merge can interface directly with Microsoft Word · Schedule as many reminder alarms or threshold alarms as desired on any record in any table · Easy and quick search capabilities. Search on any field or all fields · Easy to set a data filter. Enter Search criteria and select “Only matching records” · Search and tag matching records or manually tag records for specific data to use in reports, mail-merging, exporting, etc... · Filter history. Easily recall previous data filters · Sum routines for retrieving the totals of various field values · Two separate clocks and a stop watch and count-down timer · Make phone calls on the data from any field, or selected text. Can utilize phone credit cards when dialing · Journal tables to keep track of every change made to a table · An internal BASIC script programming language sporting well over 200 commands and functions · An Index Manager for easy index creation and selection


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