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Eax Movie Catalog Program has been improved on 5 fundamental features in the pipe line: * A dynamic script form for the HTML parse * A dynamic HTML form for the movie card on the main menu * A report module that users can design however they'd like to * Easily transferring information to other formats like Excel and html * The appearance of the program and the toolbars that can be customized by users As well as these basic features, many other complementary functions and moduls have been presented to use by adding to the program. In the pipe line of the program, many softwares for movie catalogs were investigated and the most useful, the most convenient and the best features were managed to conform to the program. * Get information about any movie from the web sites such as IMDB by just pushing a button - While questioning this HTML parse process on the internet, a dynamic form was used. Thus, user is able to optimize the script codes instantly however he/she'd like to in case of html tags change during web questioning. By writing the script code of the intended site, you can add the site to the search button of the program. * Design any report however you'd like to when you want to get a print - A dynamic form of printing the report was used as well as the html parse process. With Free Report you can create your own report outlines and get prints at any type you'd like to. * Create the front page showing films of the program according to your own style - Html outlines have been put account as displaying screen of movie data on the main menu of the program. Thus, you can create any HTML outlines with the aid of a html editor. * Transfer your movies on your database in to the formats like Excel, Html, Csv and text and more.. - You can transfer whatever space you want on your database in to the formats such as excel in any criterion. and more...


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