Appin: Information Security and Ethical Hacking

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For the first time, a course with more than 40 Live Hacking videos, more than 30 Hacking tools to provide users with hands on experience at hacking and the ways to prevent it and protect your System. While the Presentations and tutorials take you from Introduction to Information Security to Security Threads in the year 2006, the tools and videos provide you with hands-on experience at live Hacking. The hacking games present you with a chance to test your new found skills at hacking, without the fear of getting caught. The courses have been created by Appin Research Labs comprising of leading Professor's and PhD's from institutes like Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi ( IIT ), University of Texas, Austin (UTA) and Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston (MIT) along with IT Professionals with work experience in companies like Microsoft, IBM , HSBC, Trilogy, Cisco, TCS, Motorola among others. Its certificate is recognized by leading companies worldwide in specific technology areas. Each certificate is signed by the who's who of the international academia & industry.

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