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+ Do you need quick search of your computer notes? + Do you want to consolidate your notes? + Do you need an easy professional a-class organizer? Our organizer software differs from other organizer software in its simplicity and reliability. Our users have no problems with note's titles and location. Quickly find the desired note without having to remember its location. A-class Organizer can be used for managing notes, addresses, phones, passwords, credit card numbers and other information. Our professional organizer software works on any computer running Windows XP, Windows NT or Windows 2000. Step-by-step instructions to purchase Organizer: 1. Buy A-class Organizer for only $19.95. 2. Receive the link to the full version in a few hours. 3. Download the full version of the organizer (~0.1 Mb). 4. Install the full version. 5. A-class Organizer is ready to go!

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