Xtreme Paintball Network

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Xtreme Paintball Network is a two dimensional online paintball game. You can play multi-player paintball games with players from around the globe! This game is rather simple so you can have the most fun without the hassle of repetition to move up. There are so many different game types you will really feel like you are out on a real paintball playing field. With new features added weekly/monthly, this is a game you will not want to miss out on! Xtreme Paintball Network is completely FREE forever if you so wish. If you pay for the advanced features you are then given more weight, in game cash, a locker to hold extra items, allow you to create teams in tournament games, regular clan-like teams, more, and more to come! The client provides you with a 2D overview of the map, and players. You appear in blue, your teammates are in green, and enemies are naturally in RED. Use the terrain to your advantage as you seek out and destroy your oponents! We save all of your stats remotely on our server so never be afraid to log off and rest your eyes and hands as when the tournaments get going fierce you will need the rest to do it again! There are several game types that we play at XPBN. Survival is just that. You must strive to survive all players and bots! Invaders, and Revived Invaders are both games where it is all the players against a multitude of robots shooting paint! Revived Invaders revives the robots 3-4 times, be prepared! Capture the Flag is the usual, and goes by the normal rules. Real Teams is the game where you get to see how well you match up against another team/clan on the game. Random Teams is where the server randomly picks who goes on which team. Hunt is a game type where it is everyone against you! This is a very rough one to play, but you can really shine if you make it through that gauntlet!


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