3D Action Games
  • Developer: Ambient Software Inc.
  • Home page: www.X-Hex.com
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 11 MB
  • Download


X-Hex is a unique game involving strategy, action, thinking and a lot of fire power. Your goal: eliminate all other players and control the game board. Immerse yourself into a board game unlike any other. Seven different weapons are at your diposal: Airstrike, X-Mines, Missile Barrage, Bomb, Lightning Attack, Missile, and Water. Up to 7 human or computer players can play at once and five different types of computer AI to compete against. Play on a team with up to 3 teams. Mix humans against the computer players and win as a team. A built in editor allows you to create your own custom boards to play on. Trade these boards over the internet with friends. This turn based strategy game is so fast, it sucks you in so far, that you think you are playing a Real Time Strategy game.


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