Up and Down the River

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Up and Down the River is the first card game from Solecismic Software, known for its award-winning sports simulations. Up and Down the River is a popular trick-taking card game. It is also known as "Oh, Heck" or "Oh, Hell" in many areas. Hand size varies, which is the meaning behind the game's name. A game often begins with a hand of only one card. The next hand is made of up two cards, and so on, until a limit is reached. Players then "go back down the river," starting with the maximum-sized hand and moving down. With a minimum of one card per hand and a maximum of 10, a full game consists of 20 hands. You can change the game settings to suit your own game length. The game includes an expansive record book and statistics package. If you want to know how you're doing in seven-card hands in five-player games, you can find that information at the touch of a button.

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