TrueSquare 3D Crossword Puzzle Generator



With this program you can create your own 3D or 2D crossword puzzles and transfer them to other TrueSquare users or even solve them yourself. <br><br> Integrated dual language dictionary. Optionally other dictionaries can be added in 49 language combinations. <br><br>Translations from the dictionaries can be included, by topic. <br><br>Over 100,000 general clues in English and German. <br><br><br><br> The following crossword puzzle types are part of TrueSquare: <br><br> Vocabulary puzzle:<br><br> This classic crossword puzzle is the most popular and widespread of all and allows many different types, degrees of difficulty and topics. <br><br> Coded puzzle:<br><br>In the coded crossword puzzle numbers have to be replaced by letters. A keyword helps you get started. <br><br>Grid puzzle: <br><br>In the legend for the grid crossword puzzle all expressions are shown with their lengths and you have to insert them in the correct positions in the puzzle. <br><br> Alphacross puzzle: <br><br>In this crossword puzzle there are words hidden amongst many randomly generated letters and it is your job to find them. The words can be in a horizontal or vertical direction and run both forwards or backwards within the puzzle.


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