Treasure Tower

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Treasure Tower is a fast-paced platform game that features over 200 rooms in 26 courses. The objective of each course is to climb a tower built from random rooms and collect the treasure at the top. The main enemy of the game is time. While in the tower, the clock is constantly running - it starts at just over 30 seconds, and running into obstacles such as spikes or the ghosts that inhabit the towers will temporarily speed it up, making progress more difficult. Time can be restored by finding food, which appears every few rooms, getting rarer in the later towers. Treasure can also be collected for points - there are fifteen pickups in every room, though there are also nine special "treasure rooms" with more. Once you reach a certain point in the game, a Time Attack mode will be unlocked. This section of the game features the opportunity to submit your times to the online high score board on the game's minisite: The controls are the standard Click-game setup: Left and Right move, Up and Down toggle switches, Shift jumps. Game controllers are also supported if you select them from the title screen. More details of the game are explained in the tutorial that you'll get when you start the first tower, and a PDF manual is also provided. Most of the soundtrack is composed of ragtimes by Scott Joplin, and they were sequenced by Warren Trachtman. The rest of the music, the graphics and the program are by me. Thanks to Circy, Spram, Noyb and Hempuli for sending in the extra rooms. Also, vast apologies to Hempuli for spelling his name wrongly in the credits.

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