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Bring the fast-paced game of table tennis, better known to some as ping-pong, to your desktop. Using a unique artificial intelligence engine, Table Tennis Pro pits you against several opponents with different styles, strengths, and weaknesses, all in a nicely rendered 3D environment. Lob or slam, spin or spike, and become a master of the table in this competitive and addictive game. FEATURES: . Innovative Control System : Provides full control of power and spin on shots, allowing you to hit the ball where you want to and how you want. . 31 Intelligent Computer Players : Each with different serving, playing styles and difficulty levels. . Strategic Game Play : The unique control system combined with intelligent opponents allows for all table tennis situations to present themselves - shot drop shots over the net, floating back spin long shots - curling side spins - the choices are unlimited making the gameplay fantastic - all you'll need to do is practice. . Multiplayer : The high skill factor involved in the game makes this an awesome game to play against a fellow human - nearly as good as the real thing ! . True 3D Environment : Includes 12 different playing rooms, multiple table surfaces, nets, stands and balls. . Two-Player Games : Single- or split-screen modes for playing another person on one machine. . League and Tournament Competitions : Get involved in a long term competition to see where you stand. . Practice Mode : Practice those tough shots against a fully (power, direction and spin) programmable robot. . Two Arcade Games included : Comes with two arcade games to further test your shot positioning skills and reaction level - 'Disks' and 'Blocks'. . Various difficulty levels and game speeds : To make the game suitable for all ages and all skill levels.

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