Su Doku Live



Who would have thought that Sudoku could provide such arcade-like, over the top fun as a multiplayer game? Just give it a try! Competitive games are sprint races, with up to 32 players peeking at each other’s games, while rushing to solve the puzzle. Looking at the opponent’s board does help, but it’s also a distraction no one can afford. Mature players enjoy cooperative games. No guessing should be involved in Sudoku, so chat, ask players the deduction techniques, share notes, and become a better player. Not connected to the Internet for a while? No problem! Sudoku Live saves you friend’s best times to give you something to look for in single player games. Play against the clock and share your records. Besides the usual “solver,” the unlimited puzzle generator, Su Doku live also has some less comon features like full networking support, competitive world leagues, drag-and-drop of puzzles, player hints, and much more.

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