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We developed this software package using maps and multiple choice questions to teach and grade users. There are a total of 16 Trivia series. The number of questions per series ranges from 9 to over 50. Series categories are based on: The U.S.A. States Capitals - State Birds - State Flowers - State Admission to the Union The Presidents of the U.S.A. - By Name - By Number - By their Term The Capitals of the World - North America - South America - Europe - Asia - Africa - Middle East - Oceania - Major World Capitals and Our Planets There are 8 maps of the world, with printing available. Moving your mouse over a country will show you the Country Name and its Capital City. Clicking on a dark blue area will take you to that continent or you can click an option button to get a different map. There is also a map of the USA that will show you the states capitals, birds, flowers and admission to the union. Another map will show you the presidents that came from that state with their number of Presidency and their Term in Office. You must pick a player or create one upon starting the program. This is in order to keep your test scores in the database. Reporting on scores for all tests is available. With date ranges, default is last 90 days.

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