Spelling Buddy

Educational Games
  • Developer: Robert Reganess
  • Home page: visit
  • License type: Commercial
  • Size: 1.18 MB
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A lively program that helps you memorize spelling lists. Enter your word lists and arrange them in categories. After you record the words, your 'buddy' is ready to take over with practice sessions, tests, and games. He laughs, cheers, andprovides support and general comments as he accompaniesyou through the learning process. If you'd rather workby yourself, he can be turned off. A word-crafting section is available to write stories, record them, and pull words from stories to create specialized spelling lists. A special password- protected section is reserved for teachers to add or delete student names, view student records, or provide feedback to individual students. Spelling Buddy features a professional interface that is suitable for all ages, and a good-natured 'buddy' who never gets tired of spelling.


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